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P300 electrode Help ...

Posted: 18 Oct 2010, 14:07
by jacky1990

I am getting a duel channel EEG.. i need to know the most appropriate position to place the electrodes, so i could get an accurate signal to run a P300 scenario.

Some says Cz and Pz are ideal.. or O1 O2 and Cz (but since i have only 2 electrodes this is not possible)

So what does others think ? how can i resolve this?

Nb: i have not got the duel channel EEG to my hands as yet, it will be purchase soon, so don't tell me to try it out at various positions :D

Thanks, and hoping i will get a very quick and positive reply from your'l

P300 electrodes

Posted: 18 Oct 2010, 17:43
by gschalk
A quick hunch from me would be to pick Pz and O1 or O2.


Posted: 19 Oct 2010, 05:00
by jacky1990
Thanks for the reply gschalk,

i assume that we could get a strong P300 signal by only having electrodes in those 2 positions. am i right ?

and, has anyone in tried generating the P300 scenario using electrode positions Pz and O1 or O2 before? if so how was the results ?

nb: we are carrying out this project from a developing country so we have a very limited budget for this project. therefore i asked these sort of questions to verify before we purchase the device :oops:

Thanks, and hoping to hear from you soon :D


Posted: 19 Oct 2010, 07:14
by gschalk

1) You should definitely get something to work using signals from these two channels. Results will probably be a little worse than using an optimized 8-channel montage.

2) I do not quite understand why, if you have a 2-channel EEG device, you cannot place the electrodes where you want them.

3) Probably nobody has run BCI experiments with exactly these two locations before. You could download a P300 dataset from one of the BCI data competitions (just google bci data competition), and run offline analyses yourself. Again, I think these two locations should be fine.


Posted: 19 Oct 2010, 14:46
by jacky1990
Thank you very much for the reply gschalk :)