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Algorithm Development in MATLAB

Post by jethridge » 20 Aug 2009, 15:31

I have a few questions regarding the development cycle that others use with BCI2000. Ideally I would like to be able to import data collected during stimulus presentation and calibration runs into MATLAB. After importing with load_bcidat I would like to perform operations such as epoching, baseline removal etc. Following the generally accepted pre-processing steps I would like to use MATLAB to implement/develop some of my own signal processing and classification algorithms (based journals, papers, etc.). Finally, I would like to implement these algorithms in C++ or python and test them on line during feedback sessions etc.

It seemed, from looking at the MARIO technical documentation, that this would serve as a good starting point for this type of development. I have used the EEGlab and Offline analysis tools, but I find them to be too limited and these tools seem to lack the modular nature that would facilitate this type of experimentation.

Does MARIO still exist, or has it been completely deprecated and replaced by OfflineAnalysis in V2? I can't seem to find the files anywhere.

Are there other tools I am unaware of that would aid in offline experimentation with data aquired using the BCI2000 format?

Any suggestions or insights into how others are approaching this aspect of their research would be greatly appreciated.

I'm something of a newbie in this particular research field, so I apologize in advance if I am asking questions that have already been answered elsewhere.


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Offline analyses ...

Post by gschalk » 21 Aug 2009, 08:33


Mario has been replaced by OfflineAnalysis in v2.0.

BCI2000 supports incorporation of algorithms developed offline in several ways, providing support for online execution of Matlab, Fieldtrip, and Python scripts.

Please check out ... sed_Filter ... rip_buffer ... s:BCPy2000

I hope this helps.



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