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starting BCI2000

Posted: 09 Nov 2008, 12:47
by Gagandeep kaur
hi grev,

i have just installed bci2000 on my machine and i need to know that how to get started... i have read the getting started page but i could not find that how can i use it offline... are there any stored signals available using which i can see that how it works from signal extraction to signal filtering ... till command signal generation :?


Re: starting BCI2000

Posted: 29 Apr 2011, 04:33
by TooT
I have the same problem :(
I'm sure the user name and password I use are correct!
Have you solved the problem?? and how?!

Re: starting BCI2000

Posted: 29 Apr 2011, 07:31
by mellinger

when you created a user account and password on the BBS, you cannot use that to download BCI2000.
Please go to in order to get an account that you can use to download BCI2000.

After downloading, go to ... I2000_Tour in order to learn about how to use BCI2000.