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Include Laplacian in Offline Analysis

Posted: 08 Feb 2022, 06:08
by ngiri
Dear forum,

I am working on a SMR-training protocol using EEG and BCI2000, similar to the one described here ... I_Tutorial. After the screening session, I use the Offline Analysis tool to determine the target frequency. Unlike the real-time analysis, the Offline Analysis tool does not include a spatial filter. I would like to change this. For the spatial filter in the real-time analysis, I implemented a Large Laplacian filter, and I think it would be more accurate to include the Large Laplacian filter in the Offline Analysis as well. My question is: how can I do this? How can I add the Large Laplacian into the Offline Analysis tool? Can this be done in one of the Matlab scripts of the Offline Analysis directory, and if yes, where exactly?

I appreciate any help!


Re: Include Laplacian in Offline Analysis

Posted: 15 Feb 2022, 13:20
by mellinger

the OfflineAnalysis tool actually includes a spatial filter, the optional Common Average Filter (CAR Filter).
This is implemented in the carFilt.m file.
In a first step, you may replace the call to carFilt() with a call to your own Laplacian filter function, and modify the GUI label to reflect this.
In a further step, you can modify the GUI to have both the CAR filter and the Laplacian filter als a choice.

Let me know if you need further assistance,