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ParallelPortFilter compile

Posted: 24 Nov 2015, 13:54
by joanllo
Hi guys,

we want to use ParallelPortFilter in our neurofeedback study. We downloaded the trunk and the contributors through Tortoise (latest svn version).
We used Visual Studio 2012 and CMake 3.4. We have been succesfull to compile some contributors (like AppConnectorExample.exe) but we failed compiling ParallelPortFilter.exe (errors and omissions compiling on .sln).
Anibody knows how to compile properly?

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are really naive on such matters.


Re: ParallelPortFilter compile

Posted: 07 Dec 2015, 13:55
by pbrunner

the ParallelPortFilter is now implemented as a BCI2000 extension. If you download the BCI2000 trunk you can enable this extension by choosing it in from the list of contributed framework extensions. Please see the documentation [1] on the BCI2000 wiki for a comprehensive description of the input/output functionality.

Regards, Peter

[1] ... PortFilter