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Classification of P300

Posted: 02 Feb 2015, 16:58
by Hiba_AZIZ
anyone please, can explain to me the procedure of P300 classification!!?
I didn't understand how can I create a model that I can used it in test data because I tried to classify my training data with LDA algorithm but I got more than one model because I classified each letter alone , am I in right way or not?
for example: the word CAT
I create a classifier for each letter ( C, A,T) so I had 3 model of classifier just for the word CAT; and each classifier corresponding to the current letter , correctly predict it in all training data when I use it this method but I didn't know which one can I use it in prediction of my test data. beacause I think should be one model in order to predict all the data. is it true or not? this is my first time when I classify something; help me please
any suggestion please
many thanks