BCI2000 Offline analysis

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BCI2000 Offline analysis

Post by Sri_usw » 17 Feb 2014, 16:00

I am harsha. I just started my research into bci and bci2000. I am able to configure the Emotiv headset to BCI2000 and record the data from brain. The other day I used Emotiv--Dummy Signal processing--Dummy Apllication. I requested the subject to imagine right hand movement for 3 secs and acquired the data. I would like to do offline analysis of this data set using the offline analysis module provided by bci2000 but I need states to provide to perform offline analysis. Where do I need to specify the states, is it during the experiment(since I acquired only one imagery movement(ofcourse no stimulus))..can you please help me out guys..
2) I have a .mat data how do i need to convert it to .dat, how do get these states in here. I desparately looking for some help.Please help me out guys.
Any help much appreaciated.


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