p300 bci speller data classification

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p300 bci speller data classification

Post by maia » 10 Feb 2014, 15:11

hi i am new to bci word
in more detail , i want design p300 bci speller.
i design paradigm part now i am going to do preprocessing part.
i take pattern recognition courses in university and read a lot about it but unfortunately i never worked on real data only theory
, so i want ask you if i am correct?

for classification i should follow this step
i have 2 different dataset
1st:offline data--they are going to be my training data
second:online data as my test data

assume i select knn classifier

at first i should classify my training data with knn(in training data i know which epoch has p300 and which one doesn't , so i can chose best parameter for my classifier(in this case k parameter))

after that i must classify my test data

am i correct?


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