AR Coefficients

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AR Coefficients

Post by caranico » 20 Dec 2011, 11:59

I want to see the ARCoefficients in matlab. I call the mem function (MEX file) from matlab and i build the amplitude spectrum but now i need to see the AR coefficients because i want to use them for a neural network.
Could someone help me?

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Re: AR Coefficients

Post by jawilson » 28 Dec 2011, 15:43

There is no way to do this in Matlab using the BCI2000 mex functions; you can, however, get the coefficients while running BCI2000. The MEM algorithm uses the Burg method to find the coefficients, so you could use the

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method to get the coefficients in matlab. They will be nearly identical to the values obtained in BCI2000.



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