Motor Imagery Signals

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Motor Imagery Signals

Post by Muhsin » 03 Nov 2010, 10:40

I am working on a Motor Imagery based BCI. I am using following bipolar electrode setup: C3-P3, C4-P4 and Cz-Pz.
I want to ask that:
1) Is this setup enough to get the motor imagery signals?
2) What changes should be observed on these electrodes while performing left/right thinking (or actual movement)?

Thanks for your attention.


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mu rhythm,

Post by gschalk » 03 Nov 2010, 13:22


These bipolar derivations should get you started. You should see depressions in mu/beta frequency bands in these electrodes with motor movements/imagery.

There are tons of papers (e.g., by Pfurtscheller, McFarland, and many others) on this topic. They characterize these changes in detail.



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