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"replay" recorded data

Posted: 20 Aug 2010, 05:38
by tcetin
Dear BCI2000-People,

I would like tom "replay" some recorded data, i.e. record a P300-speller-Session with a subject, than possibily change some settings and use it on the same EEG-data. Is there a way to input the same EEG-File, that was alredy obtained in a previous session, in BCI2000 again?


Dipl.-Biol. Timur Cetin
University of Bremen


Posted: 20 Aug 2010, 07:19
by gschalk

Please check out the FAQ on the Replay question:

There is now a Fileplayback Source module (in V3/Contributions) that you could use. However, the comments on the FAQ still apply. For example, unless you choose the same random number seed (see page on wiki), the stimulus sequence will always be different.


Posted: 20 Aug 2010, 07:29
by tcetin
Many thanks for the quick reply

Posted: 03 Jan 2011, 17:50
by elindbe2
Is the source code or executable for the FilePlayBack module still available? I can't seem to locate it on the BCI2000 SVN server.

Posted: 07 Jan 2011, 09:09
by jawilson
The FilePlayback module is located in the version 3 branch of BCI2000, and is located under src/contrib/SignalSource/FilePlayback. Please let us know i you have any other questions!