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Signal generator and offline analysis Second question.

Posted: 19 Jul 2010, 10:22
by Seung-Chan Lee
Hello. all. :o

Thank you for your reponse about previous question.
I have a second question about offline analysis.

Following the reply, I am NOT used CAR spatial filter.
So, I almost solved that problem.

This is CAR filter ON result.

And, This is CAR filter OFF result.

Using CAR filter OFF, other channel R2 values are lower than previous result.
But, even if I used only 10Hz frequency signal generator, 0-8Hz R2 values looks like still high. I think 0-8Hz R2 values have to be lower.
Why is that?

Thank you for response in advance.


Posted: 19 Jul 2010, 20:01
by gschalk
Did you add some noise to the sine waves? The AR spectral estimator has problems with pure sine waves.


Posted: 20 Jul 2010, 00:27
by Seung-Chan Lee
Yes. I add a noise.
Here is signal generator parameters.
Adding noise level is 30muV.
But, I still think that the 0-8Hz R2 values must be lower.
Why is that?