MU signal amplitudes

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MU signal amplitudes

Post by tanolisahab » 01 Jun 2007, 08:19

I am Uzair , a student of computer engg here at comsats abbottabad pakistan. I am doing my final year project in Brain Computer Interface. My topic of research is Mu rhythm where i want to control 2D mouse cursor. I am not using BCI2000 system rather i have designed my own harware. Now problem is that i dont know exactly what are the amplitude values in mu rhythm when thinking of downward and when thinking of upward. Also tell me what are BCI200 system prices and how can i get a system here in Pakistan( complete procedure). Looking to hear from u ASAP.
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Re: mu rhythm questions

Post by gschalk » 01 Jun 2007, 17:26


To learn more about the mu rhythm and its use for BCIs, I suggest to read some of the papers in the field. You may start with recent Wolpaw and McFarland papers.

BCI2000 is a software system and is free for academic use. If you need suggestions for hardware, please email me at



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