some problems to load .DAT file using EEGLAB

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some problems to load .DAT file using EEGLAB

Post by jane1985 » 24 Feb 2011, 03:53

hi, when I use EEGLAB to import data from BCI2000 .dat file, it occurs

Warning: Out of range value or NaN computed in integer arithmetic.
> In BCI2000import>compressData at 155
In BCI2000import>compressData at 135
In BCI2000import at 53
eeg_checkset note: upper time limit (xmax) adjusted so (xmax-xmin)*srate+1 = number of frames
??? Undefined function or variable "LASTCOM".

??? Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

my EEGLAB VERSION is EEGLAB v10.0.0.0.b, matlab version is MATLAB R2009a.

How can I sovle the problem? look forward to your reply, thanks


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