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Rythm isolation before ICA ?

Posted: 02 Nov 2016, 06:38
by samhitha_95
can rythm isolation ( mu and beta ) be done on before running ICA and the resulting activation matrix ( obtained directly as a matrix in eeglab ) be used for feature extraction ? However , the following paper has done it differently . It performed ICA first and then performed rythm isolation which changes only the ( say EEG.data_new) and then asks to perform weights*sphere*(EEG.data_new-meandata) . Which one is correct ? Thank you .

Re: Rythm isolation before ICA ?

Posted: 13 Nov 2016, 19:48
by pbrunner

if you bandpass filter your data into the relevant physiological bands (e.g., theta, alpha, beta, low gamma, high gamme, etc) it will be easier to make sense of your ICA components. Also remember that these physiological components have different amplitudes and SNR values, as the EEG signal follow the 1/f law, which is another reason to bandpass filter.

Regards, Peter

Re: Rythm isolation before ICA ?

Posted: 13 Nov 2016, 22:41
by samhitha_95
Thank you .