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.mat from .dat, using bcilab to plot, but no events are shown

Posted: 11 Feb 2016, 18:57
by jackchen
I am quite new to BCI2000, and I am having troubles with it. I obtained data from Emotiv Headset, where it has 14 channels. I simply clicked the mouse whenever there is a oscillation happens in the plot. Signal, stimulus, and channel names are stored in the workspace, then I saved the workspace (test.mat).
Then I tried to convert .mat to dat. I first used SignalGenerator to generate a .dat file. I then used the load_bcidat to load the generated signal, where the outputs are (my_signal, my_states,my_parameters). I then replaced my_signal with the signal data from .mat file. For the states, I deleted unnecessary states and added a statement, my_states.StimulusCode = stimulus, (the stimulus contains 0's and 1's, where 0 means rest, and 1 means 'click'). And I also change some of the parameters(channel name, number of channels etc).
I then used save_bcidat ('try.dat', my_signal, my_states,my_parameters). and i obtained a .dat file. And here comes a problem, i was trying to use the bcilab function EEG= io_loadset('try.dat'), and EEG= exp_eval_optimized(EEG); and added a filter EEG= pop_eegfilt( EEG,8, 30); i obtained a plot with signal but no event has found.
How do I have the event marker shown in the plot?

Re: .mat from .dat, using bcilab to plot, but no events are shown

Posted: 12 Feb 2016, 14:07
by jackchen
More information added,
I used load_bcidat to load the signal generated by the SignalGenerator,
[ signal, states, parameters] = load_bcidat('D:\BCI2000\BCI2000\data\test001\testS001R02.dat','-calibrated');
and directly saved these three variable using save_bcidat

Then I loaded the try.dat file using io_loadset, and still no events are shown.

However, if I just load the io_loadset('D:\BCI2000\BCI2000\data\test001\testS001R02.dat') using io_loadset, there are events. Can someone help me with this ???

Re: .mat from .dat, using bcilab to plot, but no events are shown

Posted: 22 Feb 2016, 13:41
by pbrunner

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have contacted our EEG lab contact person on your behalf and cc'ed you on that email. We are aware of the issue and we will keep you updated on how it will be resolved.

Regards, Peter