acquiring emotiv headset with bci2000

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acquiring emotiv headset with bci2000

Post by summersun » 26 Jul 2015, 02:31

Dear all
I my project aim is to get emotive signal in the bci2000 and analyse it in the bci2000.
actually , I have finished the part of acquiring EEG signal in the bci2000, but my computer broken suddenly ,all software that I downloaded in the bci2000 website all gone ,but I still remember my username and password,
1: so are there any chance to see what software I have downloaded ?

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Re: acquiring emotiv headset with bci2000

Post by pbrunner » 27 Jul 2015, 11:59


if you have not modified BCI2000, you just need to download the binary [1] or alternatively the source code [2] and compile it again. All necessary tools are freely available, however there is no log, of what you have downloaded from the BCI2000 website, so you need to manually do that again. I am sure that this will be easier for you the second time around.

Regards, Peter

[2] ... ource_Code

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