finding accuracy for each class using SWLDA

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finding accuracy for each class using SWLDA

Post by adnan_2411 » 07 Jul 2014, 08:45


I am confuse in using SWLDA as a classifier for my problem.. I am using it for speech signal of different of alphabets.

for example
we recorded 3 Alphabets
Alphabet A
Alphabet B
Alphabet C

After feature extraction, we have 8x6 matrix for training data and 8x6 matrix for testing
then i used SWLDA classier SWLDA=stepwisefit(train',Truelabel,'penter',.00001,'premove',0.00005,'display','on');
where train is training data of 8x6 and Truelabels are vector 6x1 like [112233]

The output SWLDA is vector 8x1 is then multiplied by testing data which 8x6 matrix: hat=SWLDA'*test .
Now hat is data is 6x1. So how can i find the accuracy for each A, B, and C

Thank you


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