EEG data analysis for SSVEP

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EEG data analysis for SSVEP

Post by keshav » 31 Mar 2014, 01:56

I am new to MATLAB i am working on implementing SSVEP based dialer. I have taken reading using 32 electrode. I first took 150 seconds of resting state reading and then I flashed the screen at different frequencies namely 30hz,15hz,10hz and 7.5hz. After loading the data onto MATLAB i did windowed fourier transform on each channel individually for both resting state and at the active state and divided them both and plotted and saw the graphs. It is not very clear. I would appreciate if any one could help me with the code and how to proceed as i am a biologist and havent done programming. Moreover I am supposed to automate the process. Any hints.
Thanks a lot in advance hope to hear soon!!


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