MFCDemo Errors

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MFCDemo Errors

Post by hcho » 07 May 2011, 08:44


I have a problem when I am running the MFCDemo application module.

I download the source code and build the BCI2000 as the instruction from ''.

But, when I launch the BCI2000 as below;

Data Acquisition : signalgenertor
Signal Processing : MatlabSignalProcessing
Application : MFCDemo

,I get a error message.

I capture the error message as image file and attached.

How can I solve this problem?

Best Regards,

Hohyun Cho
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Re: MFCDemo Errors

Post by mellinger » 09 May 2011, 09:36

Thank you for reporting this problem. I fixed it by adding a missing resource file to the MFCDemo project. Please upgrade your source code to the latest SVN version, and recompile.

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