Creating a Release Version of BCI

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Creating a Release Version of BCI

Post by OKI » 12 Apr 2011, 10:20


i wrote some changes to the P3Speller, now i want to compile my whole programm as release. As long as i do this on my computer there is no problem but when i try to use the programm on another computer there are some MSVCP90.DLL, MSVCR90.DLL files (and their debug versions) missing.

I tried to change the compilerflag for the runtimelibrary from /MD to /MT, so that the files run out of a static run time library.

Now, i get the message, that i can't include those files twice, LNK2005. Functions are already defined in LIBCMT.lib.

Does anyone know a solution?

Of course here are my settings: Win XP, MSVC++ 2008 Profesional, BCI2000 V3

Thanks for reading,

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Re: Creating a Release Version of BCI

Post by mellinger » 12 Apr 2011, 11:02

Hi Stefan,

we changed compiler flags for BCI2000. Static linking against MSVC runtime libraries is now the default. If you update your BCI2000 source code to the current SVN version, re-create the BCI2000 solution file via CMake, and do a re-build of the solution, then your problem should be solved.



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