Emotiv Source Module Question

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Emotiv Source Module Question

Post by IpsiHand » 09 Apr 2011, 14:00

First of all I would like to thank BCI2000 for the work put into creating a source module for integrating the Emotiv Epoc with your great application. Having this available has done much to streamline our progress creating a BCI controlled hand orthosis device for stroke patients as an undergraduate design project. If anyone's interested check out our video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-7A5Q-kz-M

On a related note I was wondering whether the developer is still considering integrating the Emotiv artifact detection signals with the Emotiv source module. I saw this was mentioned on the wiki article. I think it would be very helpful for obtaining consistent trials in the less controlled environments that a portable headset like Emotiv Epoc would be great for. If anyone would want any help with this project let me know, or even if anyone knows of another way to manually access these states, I would definitely be interested.


Raphael Schwartz

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Re: Emotiv Source Module Question

Post by griffin.milsap » 06 Jul 2011, 17:07

Hello Hello Raphael!

I wrote the Emotiv module a little over year ago now. It seems to be one of the most asked about contrib signal source modules ( mostly asking questions about why it doesn't work :P ). Thanks for your interest!

Ideally, I would like to eventually get around to it, but my priorities have shifted around somewhat since releasing the module. I've got some additions I'd love to make to the Emotiv module and the Wiimote logger, as well as some other features I'd like to add to the system in general. When a need for it comes up, I'll probably man up and put it all together.

That said, I don't believe I'll be implementing these changes any time in the foreseeable future. If you're comfortable with the module, feel free to implement it and send it back upstream!



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