operator suspend versus normal end of run

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operator suspend versus normal end of run

Post by dthomp » 11 Jan 2011, 02:14

Hi folks,

Is there an easy way for a module to know if it's being suspended because an operator hit the suspend button rather than because the run has ended normally?

In particular, I'm interested if a Signal Processing module can get this information while working with, say, CursorTask as an application module.

I can probably do something like create a state variable that is set only when the operator button is pressed, and check that, but it seems like there might be an easier path I'm overlooking. I'm interested in your input.

Thank you,


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Post by mellinger » 11 Jan 2011, 08:54


there is no difference between stopping a SignalProcessing module from the Operator module, and an Application module ending a run. In both cases, the "Running" state is set to zero, and the SignalProcessing module reacts to that.

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