can BCPy2000 work with python 2.6?

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brice rebsamen
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can BCPy2000 work with python 2.6?

Post by brice rebsamen » 07 Oct 2010, 01:40

can BCPy2000 work with python 2.6? I would like to interface with another module which requires python2.6...

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Post by jhill » 07 Oct 2010, 12:38

Hi Brice,

Our own C++ and Python code works together with Python 2.6 with no problem. The third-party dependencies can cause problems, though. With enough work nursing one's python installation, one can usually solve such problems (for example, I managed to get the whole thing running under 2.6 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 64-bit, but installation of all the packages took a couple of days...)

On Windows, the PythonSource and PythonSignalProcessing modules work for me no problem. Under (Win32 + Python2.6), I ran into problems with one of the third-party dependencies of the PythonApplication module, specifically pyopengl_accelerate-3.0.1. It's saying it's incompatible with numpy, to which Google says the answer is to recompile the offending module (PyOpenGL-accelerate) from its C source, which I can't afford to get tied up in right now.

We support 2.5 by default, mostly for this reason (the third-party dependencies haven't got their act together to make it easy for us under 2.6 yet). Therefore, you may have to tell the binaries explicitly to use the Python 2.6 DLL:

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start PythonSource.exe --PythonSrcDLL=Python26
start PythonSignalProcessing.exe --PythonSigDLL=Python26
start PythonApplication.exe --PythonAppDLL=Python26
cheers, --jez


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