bug report - identically named parameters

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bug report - identically named parameters

Post by dthomp » 30 Sep 2010, 20:30

Hi there,

Sorry I don't currently have access to the bug tracking feature. In revision 2470 (back in August of last year) of gMOBIlabPlusADC.cpp (gMOBIlabPlus Source module), a parameter called TestMode was added. The issue is that this parameter is identically named with TestMode from the P3Speller Application module.

When two parameters in different modules have identical names (and possibly also identical types, haven't tested), the parameter appears in only one of the tabs for the module (whichever module loads first when BCI2000 launches). This leads to non-deterministic loading, even from the same batch file. Also, the two parameters are linked - if only the application parameter is visible, setting or clearing that parameter changes the respective behavior of the parameter in BOTH modules.

I am not sure what the correct fix is for this - either to make it so that parameters can actually belong to particular modules, or to address this naming issue. I, personally, would suggest as a minimum throwing preflight errors if modules re-use parameter names. But what this means for us is we can't take real data with a MOBIlab+ while allowing selection of letters by clicking. Or, put another way, to take real data we might have to go to the application tab and change a otherwise completely unrelated parameter. Thoughts?

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Post by jawilson » 01 Oct 2010, 08:47

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The problem is now fixed in the latest version in SVN.


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