[ModularEEG]Error: Could not connect to operator module

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[ModularEEG]Error: Could not connect to operator module

Post by Volk » 20 Aug 2010, 03:52


Before I start describing my problem I have to point out that I'm a complete beginner in BCI 2000 software, so I apologize in advance if this type of question was answered before or is too basic in nature.

I am trying to connect my Olimex board (which is made according to ModularEEG plans v_1.0.0 and v_1.1.0) with BCI2000 software. I've opened the ModularEEG project file, edited the modular_eeg_parser.h header file and changed the default comport to the one my Olimex card is connected to (COM1) and also changed the number of EEG channels to 2, since I only have 2 channels available.

The problem starts when I compile and run the code, since I get an error message saying: SignalSource: Could not connect to operator module. I also tried to edit the BEGIN_PARAMETER_DEFINITIONS in ModularEEGADC.cpp ("Source int ComPort" and "Source int SourceCh") file but I always got the same error.

At this point I have to say that the communication between the Olimex card and the RS232 (I don't use any port converters since my laptop has one) port works fine, since I've used HyperTerminal and managed to connect to the board without any problems and also read the data it is sending.

Since I have no experience whatsoever, I assume I messed up something when editing the code or forgot to change the important parameters so I'd be very pleased if someone could explain or point out what I need to change in the source code in order for BCI2000 to recognize and use the board.

Thanks in advance.

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Source module

Post by gschalk » 20 Aug 2010, 07:17


It sounds like you are simply starting the Source module without any of the other modules. BCI2000 consists of four independent modules that all need to be started. Please see http://www.bci2000.org/wiki/index.php/U ... I2000_Tour for more information.

In short, take an existing batch file (e.g., StimulusPresentation_SignalGenerator.bat), change it to start your OpenEEG Source module, load the parameter file of the same name, and change the OpenEEG-related paraemters in the Source tab.



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