FileWriters in middle of chain?

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FileWriters in middle of chain?

Post by wazerface » 27 May 2010, 12:37


I'm trying to write data to a file in the BCI2000 format in the middle of the signal processing chain.

Is there a module I can add in the middle of my PipeDefinitions.cpp file?

It appears there is a BCI2000FileWriter ( ... FileWriter ) component but it is nowhere to be found in my installation.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Post by mellinger » 28 May 2010, 08:40


FileWriter components can only be used by the DataIOFilter, which sits at the beginning of the processing chain in the source module.

If you want to apply BCI2000 processing steps to a BCI2000 data file, check out command line processing, which will allow you to apply BCI2000 filters offline.

If it is important for you to have an output file in the BCI2000 file format, you might use the load_bcidat and save_bcidat mex files in combination, and do the filtering in Matlab. There is also a FilterGUI contribution that uses this technique to apply high pass, low pass, and notch filtering to BCI2000 data files.


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Post by jawilson » 02 Jun 2010, 09:12

This is actually something that I have already done. It adds the ability to individually save each step of the processing chain in a simple binary format (NOT the BCI2000 dat file format). If you are interested, send me an email at, and I can give you instructions for compiling it.



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