Synamps without software

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Synamps without software

Post by dyd1985 » 18 May 2010, 14:17

Hello everybody,
since this is my first post, I'd like to start saying thank you for the terrific work you do.

Here is my problem, I have recently got an old Neuroscan synamps acquisition system (8 channels). The lab which gave me this system doesn't have the acquisition software anymore... I wanted to use this device with BCI2000, but without the Neuroscan software it seems impossible isn't it?

Could I solve (or at least bypass) this problem using Neuroserver, that is a software tool to provide a standard EEG server that mediates between the raw EEG devices and all the various EEG applications that the user may wish to run to analyse the incoming EEG data. Data is transmitted using TCP/IP, which means that the EEG data can just as easily pass over a network (or even the internet) as stay on the same machine. Standard EDF is used for header information and for file storage.

Thank you very much for your time



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