LSL Support?

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LSL Support?

Post by jhill » 08 May 2018, 15:15

Hello world. Today I was (briefly) very happy to have stumbled across this:

because I would like to use LSL with BCI2000. However, if I look at the svn HEAD:

I also don't see it. And if I look inside a working copy obtained from the release version ( ), again inside /src/contrib/SignalSource , I also don't see it. In fact there's no filename containing the "lsl" substring anywhere in the working copy. Does the LSLSource exist? Is it maintained separately from BCI2000? How can I get it? Or is it in the same directory, so to speak, as HalfLife 3?

UPDATE: I guess I shouldn't have expected it in since I now see that that actually gets me r4230 (release 3.05), some 5 years old.... I got there from but I guess that advice must be out of date. Is there a different, canonical way to get stable (and/or release-corresponding) source revisions now?

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