BCI2000 Connection to EMOTIV

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BCI2000 Connection to EMOTIV

Post by KyunghoWon » 05 Feb 2016, 01:26


I have an issue with "64-bit Library edk".

First of all, I am using Windows 7 Home 64-bit, Visual stduio 2012, and BCI2000 3.6 beta source code.

Here is my problem and screent shot.

1. launch BCIlauncher.exe
2. select "Emotive" and click "launch" button in BCIlauncher.exe window.
3. the error message is shown.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By3T8V ... sp=sharing
(The error message is, "64 bit Library edk could not be loaded, but is necessary for Emotive to run ....")

I checked that edk files correctly located.

What should I do?

Thank you.

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Re: BCI2000 Connection to EMOTIV

Post by pbrunner » 05 Feb 2016, 08:49


there is unfortunately no 64-bit driver yet for the Emotiv system in BCI2000 [1]. You will need to stick with the 32-bit build of BCI2000 for the moment.

Edit: If you actually have the 64-bit SDK dll's you could manually place them into the prog folder. Please make sure you download the same version number. Please also not that you need to disable application bundling in cmake for this to work.

Regards, Peter

[1] http://www.bci2000.org/tracproj/ticket/176

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