Newb wanting to use BCI2000 Speller and Matlab

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Newb wanting to use BCI2000 Speller and Matlab

Post by ngubser » 28 Jan 2016, 20:25


I really hope I'm not posting something that should be somewhere else or is already addressed. I've done some searching and haven't been seeing something to satisfy my curiosity. I've been using a gusb device for a few months with Matlab and Simulink and have become pretty comfortable with that. I'm thinking I'd like to try out the BCI2000 speller, and maybe alter it a bit to have different selections options and different outputs. Additionally I'm interested in starting the speller from a SSVEP menu if you will, as well as exit from the speller to another SSVEP menu of the same sort where I would have just two or three frequencies that would be the "triggers" for these menu options. My machine is offline until Saturday and I am brand new to BCI2000 so I'm brainstorming on how to begin. Here's my main curiosities right now: Being pretty comfortable with what I've been doing in Matlab but wanting to use the the BCI2000 speller, is there an easy way to go back and forth from Matlab to BCI2000 fluidly/programattically, or does that sound far more complicated than just getting up to speed on how to process/run all of my frequency transforms, mathy tricks, video/animations I'd be using for the "SSVEP menu"? I see things like MATLAB filter and BCIAutomations, and BCI2000 Remote Library, and for one don't really seem to make sense of any of them, and second wonder if I'm chasing the wrong rabbit altogether with these options. All help is highly appreciated.


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Re: Newb wanting to use BCI2000 Speller and Matlab

Post by pbrunner » 05 Feb 2016, 09:51


please see the documentation on how BCI2000 uses filters to process the data [1]. You can use a MATLAB based filter [1,2] to prototype your function. However, I recommend to eventually program them in C++ as this reduces performance restrictions that you have with MATLAB. Especially if you are going for SSVEP you will need to understand the imitations of the presentation device, e.g., the monitor that you are using.

Regards, Peter

[1] ... ce:Filters
[2] ... tlabFilter
[3] ... sed_Filter

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