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Re: Terminating SignalProcessing module

Posted: 23 Feb 2016, 05:27
by jewatts

That was good timing, thanks. Unfortunately though it seems to have caused other problems. I tried using the BCI2000.x32.extensions R5253 version which gave the following error message before even getting to start the experiment.

2016-02-23T09:49:41 - BCI2000 Started.
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - Started "SignalGenerator".
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - SignalSource: Waiting for configuration ...
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - Started "MatlabSignalProcessing".
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - SignalProcessing: Waiting for Matlab engine to start up ...
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - Started "StimulusPresentation".
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - Application error:
Unhandled Win32 exception of type ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)
Canceling thread of type AudioStream::Data::WasapiThread.
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - Application error:
Lost connection to Application.
2016-02-23T09:49:41 - Error:
Script error: my_Emotiv_post.bat, line 38: Wait aborted.
2016-02-23T09:49:43 - SignalProcessing: Connected to Matlab engine.
2016-02-23T09:50:04 - SignalProcessing: Waiting for configuration ...

I'm not sure what the audiostream error is referring to as I'm not using any audio. Also, as before the offline script is working perfectly, just this online one again.

Out of interest I also tried using the previous setup that I sent you but only copying in the beta MatlabFilter and MatlabSignalProcessing files. Using just the MatlabFilter gave the same error as before this update, but using both files gave the following error,

2016-02-23T09:46:00 - Warning: MatlabFilter: MatlabFilter::Process: Execution required more than a sample block duration.
2016-02-23T09:46:00 - Warning: MatlabFilter::Process: Error using memmapfile/hParseStructDataSubsasgn (line 455)
In an assignment M.DATA(I).FIELD = N, the number of elements in N and M.DATA(I).FIELD must be the same.
Aborting current run.

Re: Terminating SignalProcessing module

Posted: 23 Feb 2016, 08:57
by pbrunner

to isolate the problem, can you please try the BCI2000.x32 or BCI2000.x64, depending on the bit-ness of your operating system. The version with the extension my have some other issues on your system. Specifically use the SignalGenerator.exe source module for the beginning. Please report back if this works.

Regards, Peter

Re: Terminating SignalProcessing module

Posted: 23 Feb 2016, 12:52
by jewatts
You were right about the previous error, I tried both BCI2000.x32 and BCI2000.x64 and both were able to get to the 'set config' stage at least. However on setting the config both caused BCI2000 to crash with no error. An error message is shown but instantly closes before it can be read or even screen grabbed. It appears as if the signal generator is freezing as I had to manually close it from the task manager each time. The same crashing happened when using both SignalGenerator and Emotiv.

The system I'm using is 64 bit but the BCI setup requires 32 bit due to interactions with 32 bit matlab and bcilab. Nevertheless both produced the same error.


Re: Terminating SignalProcessing module

Posted: 24 Feb 2016, 04:53
by jewatts
I managed to catch a glimpse of the above mentioned error and crash. The message appears to say;

BitmapImage dimension mismatch
function: BitmapImage: DimensionCheck()
line 109
Aborting Operator

I'm unaware of the above directory?

Re: Terminating SignalProcessing module

Posted: 07 Mar 2016, 15:13
by jewatts
Does this dimension error relate to the one that was corrected in the MatlabFilter?