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BCI2000 link to neuroscan

Post by Susuy » 17 Dec 2015, 22:30

Dear all,
i have some problem when i link to neuroscan through BCI2000 software.
when i search in "Neuroscan and BCI2000",i found the Neuroscan ADC.
http://www.bci2000.org/wiki/index.php/C ... uroscanADC

now, i have already install the BCI2000,but i cannot find the NeuroscanClient or Neuroscan files or folders.
thus,i wonder how to recieve or download the files about it? i wonder to acquire eeg data in BCI2000

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Re: BCI2000 link to neuroscan

Post by pbrunner » 18 Dec 2015, 13:15


you need to either also download the last contributions binary [1] or the latest BCI2000 v3.6 beta [2] to have the Neuroscan executables. For the remaining process please follow the instructions below:


Regards, Peter

[1] http://www.bci2000.org/wiki/index.php/B ... buted_Code
[2] http://www.bci2000.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2955

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