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Tobii eyex support

Posted: 26 Nov 2015, 06:05
by lbotrel
Dear BCI2000 developpers,

I am currently experiencing problem with tobiieyeX support.
I updated BCI2000 to rev 4880 and followed instructions in the wiki page: ... ggerTobiiX

I sucessfully compiled BCI2000 using vs2010 (x32 pro) and 2012 (x32 x64 express) with BUILD_EYETRACKERLOGGERTOBIIX and started signalgenerator.exe --LogEyetrackerTobiiX=1

I donwloaded the drivers for the eye tracker and I could calibrate it without trouble with usb3.0 express card. The red lights of the eye tracker are ok as well.
I tested the system with x32 and x64 systems with and without sophos antivirus activated. I copied the DLLs un the "prog" folder just in case it may require it.

Still, with all the tobii eyeX options checked in the source module, I obtain the following error: "unable to disconnect the eye tracker"

After this I tried to recompile BCI2000 along with the last version of the tobii eyeX SDK (I just copied the EyeX.imports.cpp/h files because my C++ programming skills reached their boundaries). Still no improvement, and I am currently stuck.

I would say the connection between bci2000 and tobii eyeX cannot be properly etablished. Did someone have a similar experience and could help me solve the problem ?

Many Thanks!

Re: Tobii eyex support

Posted: 06 Dec 2015, 11:34
by lbotrel
... problem solved with an exclamation mark...

BCI2000 was able to connect to tobiieyeX but not to disconnect.
The success message was interpreted as an error because of a missing exclamation mark
Please correct in src\contrib\Extensions\EyetrackerLoggerTobiiX\EyetrackerLoggerTobiiX.cpp

Code: Select all

    //Lets Disconnect now, so the eyetracker can be used later.
    if(Disconnect(handle, false))
    bcierr << "Unable to disconnect the eyetracker" << endl;

Code: Select all

    //Lets Disconnect now, so the eyetracker can be used later.
    if(!Disconnect(handle, false))
    bcierr << "Unable to disconnect the eyetracker" << endl;
Thanks for the support

ps: please rename the topic to "Tobii eyex issue : unable to disconnect"

Re: Tobii eyex support

Posted: 15 Dec 2015, 18:12
by pbrunner

thanks for tracking down and fixing this bug. I have check the bugfix into the SVN trunk.

On that note, could I convince you to sign up for the BCI2000 beta test (see link below). As you clearly are a sophisticated developer with access to hardware, your help would be tremendously helpful. After registering, we will inform you on the new BCI2000 betas that we are pushing out in two weeks intervals, until all relevant bugs are fixed. ... eq=&c=&ch=

Regards, Peter