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Neuroscan Support

Post by damarps » 29 Oct 2015, 07:04

Dear BCI2000 team,

I was wondering if you have some update on the use of Neuroscan with BCI2000 and how stable it is currently to use with BCI2000.
I'm having some difficulty connecting Neuroscan and BCI2000.

Many thanks,

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Re: Neuroscan Support

Post by xjwang » 01 Nov 2015, 03:54

Hi, there!

Same question here! :P :P :P
I searched the forum and I found reply mentioned about the use of Scan software together with the BCI2000Contribute version to run the device.
The post is here: ... scan#p7800
However, the procedure runs with the Scan software's acquire.exe function which nowadays seems replaced by the Curry7 software which seems not supported yet.

I'm replying in this post to inquire whether there would be a update in the BCI2000Contrib version compatible with the Curry7 other what should I do to run BCI2000 with Neuroscan's SynAmps RT only with the Curry7 software.

Many Thanks!

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Re: Neuroscan Support

Post by pbrunner » 07 Dec 2015, 14:15


we depend on BCI2000 users to implement and test the NeuroScan source module. If you are savvy with C++ and BCI2000 I can guide you though the process, however it still requires that you have access to the device. Let me know.

Regards, Peter

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