Changing stimulus size in BCPy2000

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Changing stimulus size in BCPy2000

Post by mumair » 05 Nov 2014, 02:50


I am using BCpy2000 to develop my own P300 application. I am unable to change the size of the letters displayed on the screen. I have defined my letters as stimulus. like below

self.stimulus('letter', Text, text='A")

This is similar to the Hello World example in the tutorial "BCI2000 and Python" by Jeremy Hill. There is a size attribute of the stimulus class because when I enter 'self.stimuli.letter.size' in the BCPy2000 application window when the application is running I do get an array like (144,60) as an output which I presume is the width and height of the stimulus. but when I enter a new value for the size 'self.stimlui.letter.size=(200,100)' the size of the letter does not change nor do I get any error but if I recheck the value of the size attribute it shows the same old value (144,60) in this case.

Can you please tell how to change the size of the stimulus class. I want to enlarge the size of letters. Thank You/

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