Importing external markers from lablib software

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Importing external markers from lablib software

Post by ranjani » 18 Jun 2014, 05:00


We are attempting to process EEG data recorded using BCI2000+Biosemi setup. But for stimulus presentation we would like to use lablib ( We would like to import markers from lablib (through ITC-18 interface) to the BCI2000 setup so that we finally receive a file that incorporates these markers in the recordings acquired by BCI2000.
That is, instead of using BCI2000 for both stimulus presentation and data acquisition, we'd like to use it only for acquisition and import markers from another (aforementioned) source which is used for the stimulus.
Please let us know if this is feasible. If so, how?


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Re: Importing external markers from lablib software

Post by boulay » 18 Jun 2014, 16:06

I'm not familiar with the ITC-18. Is it the same as seen here:

Do you plan to do online feedback of brain signals?

Does your Biosemi have analog and/or digital inputs?

Is your lablib computer the same as your BCI2000 computer?

Ignoring BCI2000 for a moment, please list all the way you can access lablib markers. (e.g., software: API, IPC using sockets, pipes, mapped memory; hardware: digital output, analog output, photosensor)

If you answer those questions then I can give you a detailed response.


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