BCI 2000 Viewer random crash?!

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BCI 2000 Viewer random crash?!

Post by acampione » 26 Nov 2013, 06:22

Good morning,

I am a student from a 3 year (not 5!) university course about software.

I have to work on BCI 2000 for my graduation thesis.

Unfortunately they teach us the very basic things about programming, data structures, machine learning so it is very difficult to understand how other things I have never seen before (like BCI) work.

It is all up to us, and also all in english (I'm italian, so it tooks additional work to read and understand all this very technical stuff).

First of all I installed BCI 2000, no problems until then.

Now I am trying to do the BCI2000 Tour for understanding a bit how it works, and I'm now stuck with these very first operations.

1. I opened BCI2000 with the CursorTask_SignalGenerator.batch file as suggested. Then I loaded SignalGenerator.prm and MuFeedback.prm, I have set a SubjectID and a directory for the data (different from BCI2000 installation's data directory since it gave me this error: 2013-11-26T12:01:29 - DataIOFilter::Preflight: BCI2000FileWriter::Preflight: Cannot write to file C:\Program Files (x86)\BCI2000\prog\..\data\mu\test001\testS001R01.dat.)

2. When I then click Set Config, the windows with the simulated EEG appears.

3. The help button on the right upper side does not work. It turns in a question mark when I click on it but when I click for example the SubjectName parameter label, nothing happens (while the guide says a web browser window will open up and show a help page that describes the SubjectName parameter).

4. Now the guide says "Once you clicked Set Config, the Start button will be active".

Not in my case. The Start button appears pressed and I can't do nothing with it since it is already active.

Hence I cannot see any simulated feedback session (no target highlited etc etc) and go on with the tutorial as it is.

So: the simulated EEG is showing but the system logs says: 2013-11-26T12:36:30 - SpatialFilter::Preflight: The input signal's number of channels (4) must match the number of columns in the SpatialFilter parameter (8).

Please note I have tried in selecting different parameters, SignalGenerator.prm again and InitialMuSession instead of MuFeedback.prm.

I can press Set Config, EEG window appears and also, this time, I can press the Start Button.

If i press the Start button, a new window appears in which there is a ball I can move with the mouse towards a block (like a game).

During this trial, the software registers hits and misses. And also it creates .dat files in the storage data previously set, when I press Quit.

Unfortunately when I try to open these with BCI2000 Viewer.exe, it starts, but then randomly crashes (both doing nothing and trying to select the checkboxes on the right (like TargetCode or Resut Code)

It seems totally random because, for example, with the same .dat file, the first try it works and the second it crashes (BCI2000Viewer.exe ha stopped working message from Windows) and viceversa when selecting, for example, TargetCode's checkbox.

Other times, when i check TargetCode, it stops working and give me this other error:


I am very confused.

Can you please help me both with point 4. and BCI2000 Viewer random crashes?

I am using Windows 8 64 bit (if maybe it can be someting OS related)

I tried to do my best explaining the problem, please pardon me if there are some erros since english it's not my mother language

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Re: BCI 2000 Viewer random crash?!

Post by boulay » 26 Nov 2013, 22:46

I too have been having problems with the Viewer program, but I haven't had time to investigate.

Do you have Matlab? If so, there are some Matlab functions in your BCI2000\tools\mex directory to help you load your data into Matlab so you can view and analyze it.

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Re: BCI 2000 Viewer random crash?!

Post by acampione » 29 Nov 2013, 04:27

EDIT: I managed to solve the error showed in the system log by editing the Spatial Filter matrix (setting the proper number of columns).

So I can start the cursor simulation but I cannot move the little ball, it goes alway straight regardless of my mouse movements (which, according to the tutorial should modify its direction).


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Re: BCI 2000 Viewer random crash?!

Post by mellinger » 03 Dec 2013, 11:37


if you are new to BCI2000, you should use the latest binary distribution (or the corresponding source code version) as described on the Wiki.

Thank you for reporting the Viewer problem. This problem should be fixed now.


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Re: BCI 2000 Viewer random crash?!

Post by acampione » 05 Dec 2013, 05:00

Hi Juergen,

glad to be useful even if I am just beginning with the very basics of BCI2000.


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