OS X ModularEEG Source Module Beta Testing

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OS X ModularEEG Source Module Beta Testing

Post by jrlane » 19 May 2013, 13:20

Anyone interested in beta testing a source module for ModularEEG is welcome to download a copy and reply back here. There is a compiled executable in the zip file for those who don't feel like modifying the CMakeLists.txt and compiling; just copy it into your prog directory and it should work (it's the one with no file extension).

I am also working on a Neurosky module for OS X, hopefully that will be available soon as well.


Joseph Lane

*EDIT 5/19/13 22:10 - replaced file with newer version supporting p2 and p3
*EDIT 5/20/13 00:37 - replaced file after minor modifications, more testing, renaming package so as not to conflict with the windows version, and recompiling binaries for both 10.6 and 10.8
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