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Post by khosravifard » 30 Dec 2012, 10:37

Hi ,I am trying to build bci2000 that I have downloaded from svn. but I could not found the file "BCI2000/scr/BCI2000.bpg" for building using the Borland c++. in addition I try building from commadline but the command prompt can not find the "make clean && make all". I follow the step from the book "A practical guild to brain-computer interface with BCI2000".
I also try to build via visual c++ 2008 express edition ,but I could not find the solution file in the source that I have downloaded.
I would really appreciate if anybody would have a idea what i could do.

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Re: BCI2000.bpg

Post by boulay » 30 Dec 2012, 22:50

I can't comment on the Borland building, but for VS2008,
  • Change to BCI2000\build
    Run "Make VS2008 Project Files.bat" (or "Make VS2008 Project Win64 Project Files.bat" if you want 64-bit modules for some reason).
    In the console, you will have to answer some questions about what you want to make.
    When it is done there should be a BCI2000.sln. Open that with VS2008.
    Change the build target from "Debug" to "Release".
    Then Build.

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Re: BCI2000.bpg

Post by mellinger » 09 Jan 2013, 15:01


the Borland bpg file has been moved out of the "src" tree into the "build" tree. It is now located at BCI2000/build/CBuilder.



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