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Re: P300 Classifier for P300 Browser

Post by nadu » 10 Aug 2010, 18:48

Hi All !

I am running a P300 based Web Browser. It writes out data to the dat file similar to the format that the P3Speller does. It sets the Selected Row, Selected Column and SelectedTarget and sends it to BCI2000.

When I run the dat file through the P300 Classifier, it closes without throwing any error message. I am using the P300 Classifier from the BCI2000 v3.0 and compiling it from source. This is the exception I get when I enable all exceptions in debug mode (Visual Studio)

Code: Select all

First-chance exception at 0x00207956 in P300Classifier.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00000000.
Am I making a mistake in writing to the dat file?
Can anyone help me out, where I am going wrong. Any sort of direction would be really helpful. I am kind of stuck at this important juncture for a long time!


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Post by cmpotes » 11 Aug 2010, 08:24

Send me your data files to my email. Could you also provide more details about the paradigm you are using in your experiments?

Thank you,


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