Problem Connecting to Neurosky Mindwave

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Problem Connecting to Neurosky Mindwave

Post by dinasherif » 25 Dec 2011, 07:04


I have just bought a Neurosky Mindwave and I am trying to connect it to BCI2000 in order to get the raw data and design my own Hybrid BCI paradigm. I have compiled the Neurosky source code and generated the .exe, I have also created the parameter file with the parameters set as indicated on the BCI2000 Neurosky wiki and also created a batch file to call the operator module followed by the Neurosky source module and finally I called the P300 ready made example as a first trial.
the operator GUI launched and I configured the source via the source button then I pressed set config button , I got this message in the system log: "SignalSource confirmed new parameters" but the start button is deactivated !!
The software is halted at this state and nothing is happening ... What might be the problem?

I have also the following questions:

1) Is the written Neurosky source module tested on the Neurosky Mindwave or only on the Mindset (as stated by the Neurosky website the main difference between the mindset and the mindwave is The MindSet uses bluetooth to transmit data, and includes a bluetooth dongle for computers without a built in bluetooth receiver. The MindWave uses RF to transmit data, and includes a RF USB dongle compatible with both Mac and Windows. Both use identical chips)

2) Does the source module interact directly with the dongle or does it connect to the think gear connector program via say sockets?

I would really appreciate any help concerning this matter ,,,


-- Dina.

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Re: Problem Connecting to Neurosky Mindwave

Post by griffin.milsap » 10 Jan 2012, 16:23

Apologies for the delay, please see my reply in your topic in the Configuration forum: ... 4170#p4170



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