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by jawilson
22 Aug 2008, 10:56
Forum: Known Issues
Topic: BCI Launcher error
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Hello, I wrote and maintain this program. The problem is due to an incompatibility between Borland 6 and Borland 2007, which introduces a component called XPStyleActnCtrls automatically into the code. After doing this, it will compile with borland 2007, but give this error in borland 6. I am going t...
by jawilson
24 Jan 2008, 19:08
Forum: BCI Systems - Signal Processing
Topic: EEGLAB and BCI2000
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Hello, I wrote a plugin for EEGlab that imports data directly from a BCI2000 dat file (no bci2ascii CSV file), and lets you select a subset of states to analyze. It is already included in the distribution, under the tools folder. There should also be a pdf with instructions for installing it, and so...
by jawilson
23 Jun 2005, 11:22
Forum: BCI Systems - User Applications
Topic: P3AV error
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P3AV error

I am trying to use the P3AV program to do auditory research, and when I start the program, I receive the error:

UsrEnvDispatcher: State "StimulusCodeRes" is inaccessible.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


by jawilson
28 Apr 2005, 21:57
Forum: Software Development
Topic: data file format & contents problem
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data file format & contents problem

Hey, I have a question about the data being saved into the DAT files. I have a matlab program that imports all of the data, and displays a lot of the header "source" information, such as the subject name, session #, and run #, in addition to all of the state variables. After updating to the newest B...