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by assg
26 Mar 2014, 13:23
Forum: Known Issues
Topic: Biosemi 2 Setup
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Biosemi 2 Setup

Hi, We are trying to setup a Biosemi 2 amplifier with BCI2000. We are having problems setting up the amplifier. We tried to follow the instructions on but were unable to understand why the error was being gene...
by assg
24 Feb 2014, 14:17
Forum: Software Development
Topic: <SAVE> and <RETR> speller command not working
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<SAVE> and <RETR> speller command not working

Hello, I'm working on a bci2000 speller experiment, however in order to retrieve text and load text I need the <SAVE> and <RETR> command to be operational. When I call the <SAVE> command, it records it in the activity log however it doesn't generate the new file nor erase the text in the text window...