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by sunny
15 Jan 2015, 23:13
Forum: Software Development
Topic: Compiling AppConnector Example
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Re: Compiling AppConnector Example

I have been trying to compile the bci2000 code but getting lot of issues. I want to integrate bci2000 with an external application, which method should I use -


Remote class

Please advice.
by sunny
20 Dec 2014, 05:10
Forum: Software Development
Topic: KeyStrokeFilter, AppConnector or BCI2000Remote?
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Re: KeyStrokeFilter, AppConnector or BCI2000Remote?


i want to understand the concept of keystrokefilter inside any application. could you share how you designed how you developed it for your application?

by sunny
19 Dec 2014, 01:01
Forum: Software Development
Topic: BCI2000 source code compilation issues
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BCI2000 source code compilation issues

i have been trying to compile the source code using latest binaries from bci2000. it successfully compiles the code for me. but when i open bci2000.sln file in Visual Studio 2010, it does not builds the project. errors that i am getting are- LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'VCOMP.lib' '...
by sunny
09 Dec 2014, 00:00
Forum: BCI Systems - User Applications
Topic: P300 speller unusual behavior
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P300 speller unusual behavior

Hi all, i have started working on bci2000 recently, i have been trying to work with p300 speller module with emotiv headset. i am using p300 classifier provided with the bci2000 package. my query is regarding generating output letters from p300 speller. why does it give wrong output alphabets that i...