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by salterd
04 Aug 2011, 11:24
Forum: Software Development
Topic: 'Collision in State Offset' message
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'Collision in State Offset' message

Hello, I'm developing a BCI application in BCI2000 using BCPy2000 and I've run into a message I don't understand. Every time I start my app, it gives me this in the iPython console: Collision in state EventOffset : Oldvalue: 524 New Python Value: 528 New BCI Value: 0 It feels like a warning, so if i...
by salterd
18 Jul 2011, 15:40
Forum: BCI Systems - User Applications
Topic: P3Speller Application using BCPy2000
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P3Speller Application using BCPy2000

Hello, We are trying to develop a BCI2000 application through which you play the game Concentration using the P300 signal. I have a lot of experience using Python and would like to make this application using the BCPy2000 framework. I would like to use the same source and signal-processing module th...