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by sjmaslanka
25 May 2016, 08:36
Forum: BCI Systems - Signal Processing
Topic: BCILAB support for offline/online
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BCILAB support for offline/online

Hi, I'm posting in the hope that someone has experience using BCILAB as I am having issues with it and can not find a specific forum or contact for this toolbox anywhere. I am using BCI2000 to record signals from an Emotiv Epoc. I then use BCILAB to train a model and use this model to classify onlin...
by sjmaslanka
02 Dec 2015, 17:24
Forum: Data Analysis
Topic: Warning "Unknown method" when plotting topgraphy map
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Re: Warning "Unknown method" when plotting topgraphy map

I've just encountered this issue today on two different machines. I tried using the offline analysis tools from the link above but still have the error. Should I replace all the files with the ones from above?

I only recently installed BCI2000 so perhaps it is still a bug in the download version?