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by skundu90
04 Nov 2015, 05:00
Forum: BCI Systems - Signal Processing
Topic: Hybrid BCI data
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Hybrid BCI data

Where can I get a standard hybrid (p300 and SSVEP) data for speller designing or character recognition?
by skundu90
26 Oct 2015, 08:03
Forum: BCI Systems - Signal Processing
Topic: P300 classification
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P300 classification

For BCI speller design we mostly used P300 wave. when we stared at any randomly flashing character, a positive peak is appear in EEG signal after 300ms of flashing. Detecting this p300 we can recognised the character. For most of the case we used time domain approach. why???? why not any transform d...
by skundu90
27 Sep 2015, 01:55
Forum: BCI Systems - Signal Processing
Topic: P300 based character recognition
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P300 based character recognition

Is it possible to classify the character without knowing the row-column information? p300 signal is generated when human are looking at flashing light. From the EEG signal correctly detection of p300 is important. After detection of p300 our job is to find what time this p300 signal generated and at...